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"The feeling of use is very good, and it solved my big problem. I was worried about the hand feeling at first. After I got it, I realized that I didn’t spend money in vain. The doll is very fine and beautiful,with bright eyes and a harmonious figure, sexy figure, smooth, delicate, and elastic skin. The body feels super comfortable and the details are very satisfactory.I will try a more expensive one next time."
Bekki C.
"Everything went smoothly after I pay. This is my first sex doll and it looks beautiful as the pic shows. It arrived the USA very soon. The doll is soft and she has a great touch feeling. Overall, this is a great toy, and did not let me down. very satisfied with a shopping experience. Thanks to the seller so much."
Nery M.
"The molding process is very good. Vaginal and anal passages are exactly what you expect from real people. They are deep enough to hold. The orifice provides the correct resistance and a perfect fit. Lubrication is necessary. The touch of the breast is vivid, and so are the buttocks. Adding “spine” is a great innovation, I have never used this “toy” before. I think this is a very good one and would be happy to give it five stars."
Thad C.

BBW Sexdolls | Newest TPE & Silicone BBW Sex Doll In [2022]

BBW sexdolls is very popular. Including soft TPE sex dolls and realistic silicone sex dolls. Similarly, the BBW sex doll is like a lifelike woman. She can be for anal sex/pussy sex/oral sex/breast sex. And the real love dolls have built-in high-grade metal skeletons. So, they can make so many sex positions for you.
Mybbwsexdoll is a 100% genuine adult BBW sex dolls shopping site. And Mybbwsexdoll collects various styles of BBW sex dolls. You can buy premium BBW love dolls at an affordable price here.

Topics You Might Care About BBW Sexdolls

Everyone fantasizes about having sex with big beauties. If you also have such sexual fantasies, why not try BBW sex dolls?
This kind of sexy big sex doll has very charming body curves. Especially those two big tits and juicy ass, make all men erect. A curvy body, round buttocks, and full breasts are all characteristics of a big woman. Do you like such a woman?

What are BBW Sex Dolls?

BBW sex dolls are a type of sex toy. Mainly to satisfy sexual desire. Either way, sex dolls are the best sex toys. Especially BBW sexdolls, which are a big size sex dolls. She is charming. At the same time, she can provide a better sexual experience for those who are lonely. Of course, she is also the best partner.
Likewise, BBW sex dolls have many synonyms. For example big booty sexdoll, fat sexdoll, jasmine sexdoll, big tits sexdoll, busty sexdoll, curvy sexdoll and so on. In any case, these BBW love dolls are associated with fat, big breasts, and big ass. Of course, they look like real people. Moreover, they all have lifelike penetrable holes.
Big ass and big boobs are men’s favorites. Owning a BBW love doll makes this a reality. The sex dolls range in height from 100cm to 170cm. The BBW sex dolls usually have a juicy butt, round breasts, curvy body shape, and thick vagina. Obviously, any realistic sex dolls have no temper. They are absolutely obedient. Without a doubt, she is your most loyal sex partner. If you’re feeling lonely and bored during the pandemic, why not buy a lifelike BBW sexdoll to solve your sex needs. She can also watch TV with you. Pass those boring days.

Material of BBW Sex Doll

Likewise, currently, the two most used materials are TPE and silicone. These two materials have very unique advantages in shaping sex dolls. That said, the sex dolls for both materials are realistic. Appearance looks like a real person. And their skin feels soft and comfortable.
In recent years, however, TPE has become popular. Because TPE is more soft and flexible. At the sex doll factory, sculptors and artists find TPE BBW sexdolls more realistic and soft. Especially the breasts and butt of the sex dolls, which are soft and bouncy. The most important thing is that this material is cheaper. And the sex experience is also very good.
Of course, silicone also has its advantages. Silicone is not easily deformed. And it looks cleaner. Especially BBW silicone sex dolls use advanced hair transplant technology. You can see that the hair in these silicone sex dolls grows naturally. And her vagina and nipples look more realistic. Unfortunately, this material is expensive. Cured platinum silicone sex dolls, in particular, can cost as much as $10,000. In the table below is a comparison of the two materials.

CostMore ExpensiveCheaper
Heat ResistanceYesNo
Water ResistanceYesYes
Skin RealismVery GoodSoft Touch
Genitalia RealismExcellentSoft and Real
StainingLess Prone toMore Prone to
Sex WayEnjoy the Most Realistic SexEnjoy a Soft Real Sex

In addition, BBW sexdolls also have built-in high-grade metal skeletons. Therefore, their joints will be more flexible. That means you can enjoy more sex positions.

Features of BBW Sexdolls

As its name suggests, BBW stands for big beautiful women. So BBW sexdolls are very beautiful women. But they have more features.


That’s right, all BBW sex dolls come in a large size. From 100cm to 170cm Sex dolls fall into this category. Besides height, being big is also reflected in other aspects. Such as big tits, big ass, and so on. It has nothing to do with petite women anyway.


In fact, all sex dolls are beautiful. Because you have to know that she is a work of art. The artwork is first and foremost perfect. The designer integrates all the beautiful elements into one sex doll. It is no exaggeration to say that the BBW sex doll is a symbol of beauty. Having a realistic BBW sex doll makes you a star at bachelorette parties.

Big Booty

It’s true that BBWs always have big butts. Naturally, the same goes for BBW sex dolls. So people call it: big booty sex doll/big ass sex doll/big butt sexdoll. In fact, these sex dolls do have big, juicy butts. Especially SSBBW sexdoll, her ass is bigger. This is definitely a fetish favorite. A big, round butt is a concern no matter what the occasion. And a big butt often means deeper penetration during sex. Everyone loves a deep, tight anus and vagina. isn’t it?

Big Tits

Big tits are another distinguishing feature of BBW love dolls. A woman attracts men not only with her face but also with her breasts. And many men are addicted to titty sex. Indeed, when a big dick is inserted into the plump and smooth breasts, men can feel the intense stimulation of orgasm. No one can refuse this alternative sex way. BBW sexdolls have big boobs. C to M cups are common breast sizes. Some huge tits sexdoll even have O Cup breasts. Ordinary big tit sexdoll is mostly G cup breasts. Also, you have to know that sexdoll big boobs are very smooth. And very realistic. Especially the nipples and areola, appear lifelike. You can kiss her breasts without restraint. Don’t worry about any allergies.


Fat, thick, chubby, curvy, etc. are other features of BBW sexdolls. The kind of sex dolls looks chubby. They have curvy bodies. That’s because of the S shape body shape caused by big ass and big tits. This fat sexdoll is also a favorite. Because it feels more comfortable and elastic. Imagine you can hold your big tits all over while fucking deep pussy. How shocking was that?

Full of Power

Muscular sex doll is also a type of BBW. Look like an athlete. But she is beautiful. And she is full of power. She usually has thick thighs. All in all, this is a sexy and powerful sex doll. Perhaps, many people like this healthy woman.

What Types of BBW Sexdolls are There?

Hot BBW sex dolls have many combinations available. There are mainly the following types according to features:

Big Booty Sexdoll

This category of sex dolls has big butts. Do you like that round big ass? This is one of the main categories of BBW sex dolls. The big butt sexdoll has a fat ass and a firm vagina. She is the best doggy-style sex position choice. People love to crawl on big ass sex doll to unleash their libido. And she looks even sexier. In the eyes of many people, a big butt is representative of health.

Fat Sexdoll

In BBW sex dolls, fat sex doll is the most one. But she’s not the fat type. In these sex dolls, you can only see the strength but not the fat. You can think she is a thick or chubby sex doll. Many people love this chubby sex doll. The greatness of women can be felt in her. Her big wet pussy and ass are obsessive.You will feel the suction as the penis is inserted into those juicy holes. Because those openings are closed. This is also the charm of big size fat sex dolls.

Big Tit Sexdoll

Have you ever fantasized about titty sex? Your big cock wants to insert realistic big tits. But you didn’t find it. It doesn’t matter. There is one such in BBW sexdolls. The sex doll big boobs are a favorite for titty lovers. That’s right, she’s a kind of busty sex doll. Of course, she has huge breasts. Some may be M cups. Men dream of titty sex with her. Do you like these huge tits sex dolls? Take her home.

Jasmine Sex Doll

This is a star BBW sex doll. She is famous for a sex doll blog. And what’s most attractive about her is her facial expressions. Many men like their sexual partners to have that look. Jasmine sex doll is exactly that.
Apart from that, there are other types of BBW sexdolls:
Different ages: Some people like younger women. But some people like mature women. So BBW love dolls have young, mature, MILF, teen, etc.
Various Race:Not everyone likes yellow people. So BBW sex dolls have blacks, Latins, Asians, Spanish, etc.
Different styles: Some people may like porn stars. BBW sex dolls have these styles too. Such as celebrities, porn stars, anime characters, hentai sex dolls, etc.

Benefits of BBW Sexdolls

Are you fantasizing about a beautiful big woman? Do you like inserting curvy bodies from behind? BBW sex dolls for all your sex needs. Learn about benefits of BBW sex doll to help you buy the best sex dolls.

Fulfill Your BBW Sex Fantasies

It goes without saying that almost all men have sexual fantasies about big ass, juicy boobs, and curvy bodies. Of course, these thick sex dolls are exactly that. Big butt, huge tits, and powerful legs will fascinate you. You can apply some lube to your penis. That makes your penis deep into the thick pussy of these fat girls. Don’t think about it, you can’t penetrate. Because her pussy and anal holes are very deep. No matter how long your penis is, her sex hole can absolutely wrap your penis. All your fantasies about BBW. Including various sex positions. These hot BBW sexdolls help you make it happen.

Photo Model

Are you a photographer? Do you like to take pictures of nude women? These sexy BBW love dolls are your best models. Maybe you are the webmaster of an adult website and you need some images to enrich your website. Or you want to be famous in an adult community. Everything will only come true if you take good pictures. Well now these sexy BBW sex dolls can do it.

Increase the Fun of Couple Sex

You always complain that your sex life is too ordinary. At this point, you need to increase sexual pleasure. Are you considering a threesome? But, for various reasons, you don’t want to share your sexual partner with others. Well this BBW sexdoll is not bad. She can be a part of your couple’s sex life.

Your Life Partner

Maybe you’re single. Maybe you’ve experienced a relationship breakdown. All in all, you don’t have a life partner right now. You don’t want to live alone. Then you want to have your own life partner. Watch TV with you, eat dinner, etc. Then these beautiful BBW sex dolls can be the best life partners. If you follow the news, you may have heard of a British man who kept a collection of hundreds of sex dolls to accompany him. There’s a lot of news like that. Because these sex dolls are realistic. So in addition to making love, there is also the function of spiritual sustenance.

Why Should Buy a BBW Sex Doll?

Are you looking for a realistic sex doll with a top body? Maybe you will be interested in fat sexdoll. These fat girls with big ass will satisfy your love for pretty women. However, should you buy a BBW sex doll is a more complicated topic? No one can try to convince you. Only you get more from sexy sex dolls. Then you will make a decision.

Safe Sex is More Important Than Anything

No one will refuse sex. Because that’s really wonderful. Both men and women like the feeling of that moment. However, many diseases and bacteria are transmitted through sex. So when you’re having sex with a stranger, you’re always worried about contracting a disease. But for BBW sexdolls, there is no need to worry about contracting diseases. Because she belongs to you from beginning to end. You can have unbridled sex. Many people like to have sex without a condom. The big booty sexdoll can do that.

Enjoy More Private Leisure Time

When you have a girlfriend or wife, you are especially troubled. Because you have to spend a lot of time with her. After a busy job, you don’t want to talk anymore. You just want to shower and have sex. If you buy a BBW sex doll, she is waiting for you in bed. After sex is over, kick her away. You can go to sleep. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with the love doll on weekends and holidays.

Experience Different Styles of Beauties

Men like new things. Especially like having sex with different women, don’t you? And buying a BBW sexdoll can fulfill such needs. Because most sex dolls bodies are compatible with many sex doll heads. That means you can buy extra sex doll heads. By the way, you can find tutorials on how to install sex doll heads on YouTube. This way you can have sex with women of different styles. Another way is that you can change the hairstyle and makeup of the sex dolls. In conclusion, there are many ways for you to experience different styles of women.

I’m not Going to be a Dad?

A woman can get pregnant no matter what birth control you use. But you’re not ready to take on the role of a father. After all, you’re not ready to be a father. Buying a BBW sex doll removes this risk. At present, sex dolls do not have the function of fertilization. That means you can ejaculate in her thick vagina. Then don’t worry about anything.

Do You Like Oral Sex?

In fact, many people like oral sex. Because deep throat sex is exciting. Especially when the erect penis reaches the mouth, the feeling of tongue licking is very good. But not every woman wants to lick your big dick. Sometimes sex partners even feel sick. Reject oral sex for you. At this point, the chubby sex doll has a mouth that can penetrate. Although it is impossible to restore blowup sex 100%. But your big dick can go into her mouth.

Addicted to Big Breast Sex?

Breast sex is the most difficult of all sex styles to experience. Because not every woman has big tits. Most women’s breasts are small or even flat. But you want tits fuck. Buy a huge tits sex doll. Your big dick can penetrate back and forth between two plump tits. The technology of sex dolls is very advanced now. Therefore, sex doll big boobs are soft. Your penis will feel comfortable.

Enjoy Multiple Sex Positions

Humans have invented many sexual positions since the beginning. Sometimes, it’s hard to experience all sexual positions. Because the sexual partner refuses to do that. Such as doggy-style sex position. You like to spank her ass during sex. But your sex partner isn’t happy. Buy a big ssbbw sexdoll. She would not refuse to do that. And the SSBBW sex doll has a big ass. Her ass is bouncy. Slapping sex feels great.

Best Value for Money Sex Investment

Whether it’s finding a prostitute or getting a girlfriend, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money. That means you’ll hurt your wallet. And these are all one-offs. That means you’ll have to invest a lot in addressing your sexual needs later on. Why not buy a BBW sex doll? She has a lifelike vagina, anus, breasts, and mouth. You can enjoy all kinds of sex. And with one purchase, sex dolls can last for years.

Enjoy the Pleasure of SM Sex

During sex, do you like some special ways? Like SM sex games. But your sex partner refuses SM sex like bondage. But BBW sexdolls won’t say no. You can tie up your sex doll. Or buy a whip. Then whip your love doll. This type of sex is absolutely thrilling.

How Much is a Real BBW Sex Doll?

Most people have this question: How much is a sex doll? Is the sex doll worth the price? However, there are no definite answers to such questions. Because everything depends on what you want from sex dolls. However, you should be aware of what causes sex dolls to sell price differently.
Key Factors Affecting the Price of BBW Sex Dolls


The two materials of sex dolls are TPE and silicone. The price of sex dolls of these two materials is quite different. TPE is cheaper. And the price of silicone sex dolls is the opposite.


BBW sexdolls come in different sizes and weights. The larger the size and the higher the weight, the more expensive it will be.

Shipping Method:

If you choose ocean shipping, then the price will be much cheaper. But delivery time is longer. Yet if you choose air transportation, then the price will be expensive. But the delivery time was fast. It will take about 5-7 working days to deliver successfully.

Additional Features:

You can customize some additional features of BBW sex dolls. But that would be more expensive. Also, if you want to buy professional sex dolls storage boxes, then you need to pay more.
In conclusion, these are the key factors that affect sex dolls. Taking these factors into consideration, you can buy BBW sex dolls that you are satisfied with.

BBW Sex Dolls Prices

There are three price ranges for BBW sex dolls. as follows:
$900 to $1,500: Busty sexdolls in this price range are mostly TPE materials. These thick sexdolls are extra soft and comfortable to the touch. Especially the vagina and breasts feel good to the touch. If you are a beginner in BBW sex, then this price range is for you.
$1,500 to $3,000: Curvy sex dolls in this price range are mostly ordinary silicone sex dolls. These sex dolls look especially realistic. In particular, the hairline and eyelashes, and other details are lifelike. And that vivid color of nipples, areolas, and labia that make your dick erection.
$3,000+: These are platinum-cured silicone sex dolls. And these sex dolls will add AI elements. That means you can interact with her. Your sex scenes will be more realistic.

How to Buy Realistic BBW Sexdolls?

Buying a BBW sex doll costs thousands of dollars. So, before buying, you need to know a few things. Because that will help you buy the best BBW sex dolls.
Budget: Before buying anything, you need to think about your budget. Because that allows you to narrow down your choices. Buy a BBW sex doll, what is your budget?


Among the key factors affecting the price of sex dolls, the material is very important. Therefore, before buying, you need to know what kind of sex doll you want. TPE is usually much cheaper than silicon. And TPE sex dolls are more suitable for beginners.

Height or Weight: 

Sex dolls have different prices for each height. Figure out what height you like. And you can decide how much to cost.
Customization Options: Many sex dolls are now customizable. The same goes for BBW sex dolls. You can customize many options. Such as chest shape, vaginal detachable, standing feet and professional sex dolls storage box, and so on.

Find Genuine Suppliers:

Regular suppliers determine whether you can buy the best BBW sex doll. So it is important to verify the supplier. In addition, it mainly depends on the professionalism of its website. is a professional BBW sex dolls supply site. So you can buy all the BBW love dolls here. All genuine. And it’s cheap

How to Use a BBW Sex Doll?

When you buy a BBW sex doll, she can have sex with you anytime. Learn about how to use a sex doll below.

Lifelike Pussy Sex

Sex dolls mainly provide you with sexual pleasure. Put your BBW doll in a sex position that stimulates your libido. Such as doggy style, missionary, girl on top. Then penetrate your woman hard. Here are two tips to help you enjoy full vaginal sex:
Wear a condom – condoms have some lubrication. Because it can help you to insert the vagina smoothly. And can save the work of cleaning the vagina.
Use a certain amount of lube – if it’s too dry, the dick will be uncomfortable when inserted. Of course, if you watch some sex movies, your dick will secrete some fluid. That has a lubricating effect. However, applying a moderate amount of lube can make your dick more comfortable.

Realistic Anal Sex

Everyone loves anal sex. Also, your BBW sex doll loves anal sex. And her anus is more compact and smooth. Firstly, lubricate your penis. Secondly, penetrate her tight anus. Then stretch your penis hard. The final orgasm.

Soft Oral Sex

At, you can buy mouth-penetrating sex dolls. Insert her mouth when your cock is erect. Then enjoy the most comfortable oral sex. These BBW girls have mouth holes. She likes to hold your penis in her mouth. So, you can enjoy sex without any worries.

Best Tits Fuck

BBW sexdolls have very big tits. So this is a favorite for those who like tits. Her two big tits grip your penis. You will feel orgasm. Constantly stimulate your glans. Finally, you cum on her huge tits.

How to Clean Your BBW Sex Doll?

If you buy a quality sex doll and you want to enjoy her for years to come. Then the key is to master routine maintenance and pay close attention to cleanliness. That is because do these things carefully and you will have a great time. Below, we have some best practices for doing this.
Reasons to clean sex dolls

Wear a condom

Even if you wear a condom during sex, a small amount of fluid may be spread. So, the last thing you want is to turn your sex doll into a petri dish.
If you ejaculate inside your doll, you will have more reasons to clean. If this feels unhygienic or invasive, consider the advice above and wear a condom. Because this will reduce mess and make cleaning a little easier.

Regular cleaning

Clean regularly and keep away from dangerous bacteria. Because inadequate doll skin can cause friction-related damage. Regular washing can avoid that. Thus you should clean your doll after each use. If you store the doll for a long time, take it out once a month or so to inspect and wipe it clean. You will be able to notice and ease any moisture issues or other issues.

Cleaning agent for sex dolls

There are two important considerations here. First, you have to consider germs and cleanliness. Next, remember that your doll touches the most intimate parts of your body. Chances are, you don’t want to use harsh chemicals. These can also take a toll on your doll’s delicate skin.
Fortunately, there are some great products for cleaning sex dolls and other toys. Also, these are physically safe and will not damage your sex doll.
Anyone who owns a sex doll should buy an antibacterial spray cleaner for sex toys. You can also try a foaming cleanser for a more intense scrub and lather. Don’t forget to rinse the internal parts after use. Finally, consider using a toner for any type of product. Because this prevents drying and cracking.

Here are some other items you should take with you.

Lint-free soft clothing.
Bottle brush.
Mild shampoo.
Oil-free makeup remover.
You need a work surface where you can get the doll wet. It would be better if you could take a shower. In addition, get some towels and cleaning supplies ready.

Cleaning sex doll steps
Step 1: Quick cleanup

If you don’t want to bathe her every time, you have to clean your doll after every sexual activity. Avoiding this can provide a dark, moist breeding ground for bacteria. For a quick cleanup, first, fill the enema ball with water and body wash or soap in the proportions above. Insert the tip of the sex doll washing machine with the spray head into the channel of the doll. The bulb is then squeezed, creating a spray of pressure within these cavities. This pressurized spray flushes all sperm and fluid from her vagina, mouth, and anus.

Step 2: Clean lean the holes – vagina, anus, and mouth

Without exception. If you use an orifice, even if it’s just for a few seconds, you have to clean it. This means: Rinse off any bodily fluids. First, use the rinses listed above. Then irrigate with a sports bottle. A dedicated foaming cleanser is fine. The same goes for mild soapy water solutions. To make sure everything is clean, please use a soft bottle brush. Finally, rinse things off. Pat the outside dry. Do not get the doll wet.

Step 3: Clean the face of the doll

If it’s not dirty, just wipe it lightly with a barely damp cloth. If not, follow the steps below to clean it up.
1.Firstly, remove the head
2.Secondly, remove the wig.
3.Thirdly, to remove the eyes, you need to pull open the sockets to remove them from the front.
4.Forthly, dip a sponge or cotton cloth in warm antibacterial soapy water and gently massage your face.
5.Finally, gently pat the face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth and allow the air to dry.
During the cleaning process, pay attention to the following points.
1.Be careful not to damage the eyes and eyelashes and avoid getting these parts wet.
2.Do not immerse the head of the doll in water at any time.
3.Do not use abrasive soaps or any other cleaning products.
4.Not use rough materials or hard/sharp objects.
5.Don’t put too much pressure on the skin.
6.Do not use hairdryers and any other heating devices on the doll.
7.Not attempt to speed up drying by getting close to a radiator/fire or any other heating device.

Step 4: Clean the doll’s hair

Your doll’s hair doesn’t need to be cleaned as often if it’s not messy. Simple shampoos and rinses work well. Many users prefer to wash their doll hair in the sink. Some dolls even do well with shampoo that comes in a spray can. The good news, if you buy a good quality doll with realistic hair, you can style it however you want. Also, this is a great way to create a variety of looks to suit any fantasies you may have.

Step 5: Dry your sex doll after cleaning

After cleaning the doll, you should always dry it. Wet dolls can produce bacterial growth and a musty odor. Pat your doll dry without rubbing her. Use a cloth that won’t pill or create unsightly fuzz.
Things not to do when cleaning dolls
Unfortunately, people went the wrong way and badly damaged their dolls. Here is a list of things to avoid:
Delay the cleaning process: If microbes grow and multiply, your doll is ruined.
Submerge dolls in water, especially dolls with electronic components.
Use any oil-based on or on your doll.
Get your doll wet.

How to properly maintain your BBW sexdoll?

Treat your doll with care and respect. You’ll be rewarded with years of sex.

Deal with

When handling and moving the doll, always support the doll properly. Don’t drag or lift her weakest parts, such as her elbows or neck. Otherwise, she could be dislocated. Don’t be too rough during sex. And do not bend the body part to allow it to move naturally. Don’t hit your doll hard, or twist or bend her.

Moving And Storage

If you need to move, pack your doll in a box and wrap it in a blanket. Because this avoids any damage from rough handling.
Some will keep a doll out in the open. Some dolls come with closing and locking storage chest. There are also special hangers. Your closet will be a great storage spot for your doll. Do not place your doll on clothing, as the dye will seep into the doll’s skin.

General maintenance

Besides the above cleaning habits, you must also oil your doll at least three times a year. No more than four times per year. You’ll notice high-stress areas like knees and openings need some conditioning. So apply a small amount of petroleum jelly when needed. If you plan to store her for a long time, spread cornstarch on your doll.

Five tips for removing sex dolls from all kinds of germs:

1.Sex dolls with two vaginal options: one with a fixed vagina and one with a removable vagina. Choose sex dolls with removable vaginas as they are super easy to clean.
2.If your vagina is fixed, use a fan or insert a tampon to dry from the inside.
3.Use a high-quality condom during intercourse to avoid fluid spillage.
4.Hang up your doll or let her lie down while applying powder or oil.
5.For surface cleaning, a small spray bottle with a 1:5 ratio of soap to water is fine.

Replacing Parts of Your Sex Doll

Sometimes you might need replacement parts.

How to Replace Fingernails

Just pull off the excess nail tissue and clean the doll’s hands. This method is great for two reasons. First, the price cannot be beaten. Second, covering up broken nails will update the doll’s overall look.

How to Replace The Eyes

Before you do anything, determine if your doll has makeup on your eyes. We don’t recommend this unless you are very talented. Otherwise, this is probably a job best left to the professionals. Talk to the doll maker or seller. They should be able to help you find someone who can restore the doll’s eyes.
Be careful if you try to remove the eyes yourself and replace them with new ones. There are commissures in the eye sockets that hold the colored lenses in place. So, don’t break these rules!

How to Replace Loose Eyelashes

Place new lashes on the lash line and move slowly. In addition, pay close attention to the alignment of the lashes

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